A tool to teach kids life lessons.

And to make parents' life easier

That is familiar to every parent: we all want the best for our children today and in the future.


But in everyday life, it can be not very easy for us to keep focused on raising our children and to create and maintain a trustful relationship with them.

What we parents want

  • To raise children by their own people.

  • To form character traits that will help to achieve success in life.

  • To conflict with children as little as possible, and provide a pleasant family climate.

  • To make children happy and be happy for them and with them.

The way it usually is in real life

  • In everyday life, there is often a lack of strength to reach these parenting goals.

  • The actions of the parents are not structured and not transparent to children.

  • Raising children does not bring joy, but turns into constant stress.

Parenting with much less stress? It's possible!

Structure the raising of your kids and improve your family climate by implementing of following tools in your everyday life:


Routines are sequences of tasks that children should perform regularly.


Routines can make it easier to get the kids ready for school in the morning and to bring them to bed in the evening.

Also useful for teaching children new things.

Go to the school routine

After school routine

Clean your room routine

Good night routine

When used continuously, these four things can do wonders!

Sounds complicated? Not with Chore Heroes!

  • Step by step guide for the implementation into family life.

  • Developed by behavioral psychologists.

  • Based on the insights of modern psychology. 

  • Successfully used many times to motivate children to do their daily work, but also for bigger achievements.

  • Best suited for children between 7 and 13 years or older.

Well motivated kids​ | More relaxed parents | Less stress | Pleasant family climate | Good habits formed as a result

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What changes if you use Chore Heroes. A lot!

By using the Chore Heroes Methodology regularly, you will start to notice changes in children's behavior and an improved family climate within a month or even earlier. But the effect of the Chore Heroes is not limited to this.

What happens to children

  • Most children's behavior is changing for the better.

  • It's getting easier to talk with them.

  • Children do things without reminders and even ask for new assignments themselves.

  • They get ready for school or for bed on their own and on time.

  • The ability to achieve the set goals will be formed.

  • Children's belief in their own strength increases.

  • They get higher self-esteem.

  • They are not afraid to fail.

What happens to the parents

  • Time is freed up by children's participation in household chores.

  • Fewer stress thanks to taking the relationship with children to a constructive level.

  • More confidence that children develop useful habits and strong character.

What happens to the family climate

  • The relationship between parents and children is improving.

  • Relationships between siblings get better.

  • Fewer conflicts between parents about parenting

Your children will beg you for more chores and challenges!

What you see. What your kids see

We went to great lengths to make the interface as convenient and functional as possible for the parents and playful for kids. See for yourself!

You kids can use the app to on their own or on a parent's device.

The child does not need their own smartphone to benefit from Chore Heroes App. And he/she doesn't have to spend much time on the smartphone either.

Parent's view
Child's View

iOS version comes soon. You can use the app in browser and switch to iOS  later

Appreciated by many families

I bought a vacuuming robot, but now I can't use it anymore!

Since I've been using the Chore Heroes Metodik, my both children have always wanted to vacuum themselves. The vacuuming robot is in the corner and has nothing to do.

— Eugen G., New York City

Play game. Don't stress

Raising children is often stressful. But it doesn't have to be.


Children love games. Children live by games. Children learn by playing games. Turn the development of good habits in a game with our assistance.

Thanks to the combination of gamification and rewards, children start to enjoy even the boring household chores.

And a lot of parents, having joined the game, learned to enjoy it.

Many kids are Chore Heroes now!

Your children can be Chore Heroes too!

Start now!

You can install our App to your smartphone
or test it directly in web browser

iOS version comes soon. You can use the app in browser and switch to iOS  later