About us

We are Elena and Alex and we’ve got three children of different ages. They bring lots of joy into our lives.


Just like all the parents in the world, we’d like to cultivate such qualities and character traits in our children that would help them to be successful in life.

And just like the majority of parents, we want our children to participate in housework, take on certain responsibilities and learn something while doing it.

However, even the most responsible kids don’t think in the long-term perspective and don’t want to do boring household chores. The upbringing process sometimes leads to conflicts.  In some families, conflicts occur every day. Sometimes – many times a day.


In order to nurture useful qualities in our children, as well as mitigate family conflicts and set them onto a constructive track, we’ve developed a reward system for useful activities, and are continuously improving it.


At first, we used pencil and paper, as well as game chips, but all of that was inconvenient for us and too dull for the kids. That’s when we created (to the best of our ability) a computer app that allowed us to track the chores that the kids did and the rewards they receive, in a form that’s both convenient for us and fun for them. As we created it for ourselves, we utilized our knowledge and experience – Elena is a psychotherapist and Alex is an engineer. 


The system we’ve created functions very well in our family. The kids started participating a lot more in household chores and are also enjoying it a lot more. Meanwhile, we set tasks and goals for them that build up character traits that will lead them to success in life, whatever it may mean to them.


We’ve decided to share the system that we’ve created and our experience with other parents. The two software developers, Eugeny & Eugeny, whom we engaged, helped us create an online app based on our system and will help us develop it in the future by adding new helpful functions. 


Good luck to our children in life!
Patience and success to all of us in bringing up our children!