Your children will beg you for more chores and challenges!

Your children will beg you for more chores and challenges!


Children don't like chores...

but they do want many other things

Kids cry for more TV, more video games, later bedtimes, etc. Most parents don’t like these kids desires.

But they give in because children can make life hard on their parents if they don’t get what they want.

While kids are very direct in asking for what they want they also good at avoiding their chores or other duties that are important to parents. Parents have to be insistent. 

All this can lead to tensions and conflicts within a family. 

Sounds familiar?
We help to align parents’ and kids’ wishes with each other!

If you allow your kids to do something that you aren't necessarily very positive about, make sure they have earned it by having them do a chore or task they may not like doing.

Let the children themselves, but at a price. Let them earn it with doing chores or working on other achievements.


This will allow you to reduce family conflicts and nurture the children's good habits at the same time.

How it works

There are many different systems to account for the children's tasks and rewards. But they have one problem in common - they are difficult to use for a prolonged period of time. And eventually, they are thrown out, like the rest.​

We provide an environment that is
easy to use for parents and attractive to kids

Using the app

You create tasks (called "missions") and the child suggests rewards

Explained step by step

* also usable on parent's device

  1. You create tasks (called "missions") and the child suggests rewards

  2. Child competes the missions

  3. You approve the mission, the child gets reward  points

  4. The child can ask you for using rewards with these points or save the points for future

  5. You approve the using of rewards

  6. The child receives their rewards

  7. The child is happy and motivated to complete further missions and challenges

You approve the mission, the child gets reward points 

The child completes the missions  

The child may ask you to use these points to receive rewards or save the points for the future   

You approve
the  rewards 

Child *

Your child is happy and well motivated to complete further missions and challenges

The child receives
their rewards   

Test for 2 weeks for free

(no credit card required)

What you and your kids see

Parent's view
Child's View

We turn your Kids into chore heroes

Chore-heroes motivates children to complete missions, thus forming good habits in several ways:


  • Motivation with rewards​

  • Gamification for more fun​​

Judging by many families’ experience, kids thoroughly enjoy playing this game.

Many kids acquire the taste for it, ask for a greater number of chores and try to complete them as well as they can.

That’s how they become
real Chore Heroes

Why parents love Chore-Heroes


Peace and tranquility in the family

Disagreements about chores and what a child is allowed or prohibited to do often lead to tensions and conflicts within a family.


Creating rules and having a system to mitigate arguments leads to the constructive resolution of disagreements. The Chore Heroes App will assist with this issue and help you make it manageable, whether you have one or five kids.


Get kids to help with chores

Doing chores is a never-ending task, so involve your kids in doing them. It will teach them responsibility, and also makes your life easier.

Imagine a situation where your kids don’t grumble because of chores, instead, they beg you to give them more.


Good habits are formed as a result

Raising children can be a difficult task. So any tool that helps in this process improves the parent's life. Your life!

Chore-Heroes is precisely this tool. See for yourself!

Chore-Heroes helps you

Get your children excited

about chores and challenges


develop good habits

that last a lifetime


for 2 weeks

It's free,

no credit card needed