A tool to teach kids life lessons. And to make parents' life easier

Use our methodology step by step and you may find soon that your children have changed a lot for the better. 


And also that your relationship with them and your family atmosphere have improved.

Well motivated kids​ | More relaxed parents | Less stress | Pleasant family climate | Good habits formed as a result

Our method. Appreciated by many families

  • Developed by behavioral psychologists.

  • Based on the insights of modern psychology. 

  • Step by step guide for the implementation into family life

  • Successfully used many times to motivate children to do their daily work, but also for bigger achievements.

  • Best suited for children between 8 and 12 years.

I bought a vacuuming robot, but now I can't use it anymore!

Since I've been using the Chore Heroes Metodik, my both children have always wanted to vacuum themselves. The vacuuming robot is in the corner and has nothing to do.

— Eugen G., New York City

How it works. A simple principle

  1. You create Missions and Rewards for your kids.

  2. The kids complete the Missions.

  3. If you approve a Missions, the child gets reward points.

  4. The kids can use these points to get Rewards or save the points for the future.

  5. The children are happy and motivated to complete further Missions and Challenges.

Don't pay kids for chores. Not with money

Not all parents believe it is right to pay children for chores. And they are right. We also wouldn't recommend paying kids with money.

It is a part of the upbringing that the kids contribute their part to the duties in the family. But it doesn't usually work that well in this way. Over and over again, the tasks are not fulfilled. Over and over again, there are conflicts that affect the family climate.

Gamification is the solution. If there is no direct connection to money, then earning, saving, and spending points are felt more like playing a game. Especially, since the rewards don't necessarily have to be monetary.

One app. Multiple benefits

Chores to involve children in homework and relieve some of the burdens on parents.

Routines to make daily life less stressful, especially in the mornings and before bedtime, and to form good habits.

Challenges to teach the achievement of time-bound goals.


Rewards to create and maintain short- as well as long-term motivation.

Different levels of rewards for training to make savings and prudent handling of money.

Bargaining and negotiating the price of tasks and awards with parents is an experience that is very useful in life.

Ancient wisdom. Modern neuropsychology

Already in ancient times, people noticed the relationship between one’s daily deeds, character and success in life. 


There are clear statements in the scriptures of almost all religions, which reiterate this relationship. It was very well articulated by W. M. Thackeray.

Sow a thought, reap an act,

Sow an act, reap a habit,

Sow a habit, reap a character,

Sow a character, reap a destiny

William Makepeace Thackeray,

written in the 19th century

Modern neuropsychology confirms this ancient wisdom by providing scientific proof.

Neuropsychologists claim that all of our actions lead to the creation of neural chains within the brain. The more often a certain action is repeated, the stronger these chains become allowing the brain to use them in the future more easily and actively. Once these neural chains are used a sufficient number of times the related actions become automatic. The result is the formation of new habits.

More than just another app. See for youself

  • Based on our psychologically sound methodology.

  • Step-by-step recommendations for a successful implementation.

  • Assistance by a Psychologist in implementing the methodology.

  • Exchange with other parents in our community.

  • Templates of missions and rewards for an easier start.

  • Recommendations and tips integrated directly into the application interface.

  • An intuitive and functional user interface for parents.

  • Comprehensive gamification for the kids.

What you see. What your kids see

Parent's view
Child's View

Play game. Don't stress

Raising children is often stressful. But it doesn't have to be.


Children love games. Children live by games. Children learn by playing games. Turn the development of good habits in a game with our assistance.

Thanks to the combination of gamification and rewards, children start to enjoy even the boring household chores.

And a lot of parents, having joined the game, learned to enjoy it.

Your children will beg you for more chores and challenges!

What we promise you. And what not

By implementing and using our methodology, you will quite soon notice changes in the behavior of your children.

We will help you get started by providing step-by-step tutorials and with suggestions during the process.

But the changes won't happen on their own. All children are different and each family is different.  Therefore, there is no universal solution. You'll need initiative and patience.

Please remember: All beginnings are difficult. Maybe it won't work out the first time. Don't give up, try again. Ask for advice from us. Talk with other parents in our community. Together we can do it!

Remember, this is a game. Play it! 

Raise the kids! Have fun with that! 

How to start. Step by step*

* Here is a short summary of the first steps. You will find the complete introduction directly within the app while onboarding. 

  1. Register and add your children to the app.​

  2. Create morning and evening routines as well as a couple of chores, using templates or your ideas.

  3. Talk to your children. Tell them what it's all about. Show the kids our introduction video.

  4. Discuss with the kids the challenges, select one challenge for each child. 

  5. Find out which reward each child would like to get the most, what would motivate the kid to achieve it.

  6. Add the challenges and rewards to the app.

  7. Install the app on the children's smartphones (can be used also on the parent's device).

Play the game and enjoy it!

Many kids are Chore Heroes now!

Your children can be Chore Heroes too!